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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

This weeks Ambassadors ( and a few from last week!)


Archbishop Rowan Williams CiW Primary School

proudly present to you this week’s Ambassadors:


Sophia Briggs for being an outstanding pupil.


Jacob Morris-Hughes – for being an ambitious capable learner in maths (using place value charts and solving problems).


Niamh Rodway – for always following directions and helping others.


Abigail Ost for being and ethically informed citizen- showing empathy to others, when they're feeling isolated from others.


Charlie - for being a healthy, confident individual- persevering during the daily mile and running the whole time, even though he found it tough. 


Ethan Wreford-Bush- for showing great kindness, gentleness and understanding when supporting a buddy.


Yasmine Simsek for setting herself high standards and being an ambitious learner.


Millie Hudson be ambassador for Year 2 for being an ambitious capable leaner who has persevered with her learning this week.


Leila Fawsitt- for being a model student and always showing pride in her work.


Harrison Jones- for being a respectful and responsible member of the class.


Jackson Walters- for being having a fabulous attitude to learning.