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New end of day arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers/families,

Can I firstly say how fabulous it is to have our children back in school, and how proud you must be of the mature way that they have embraced and coped with leaving their families at the bottom gate. 

I am so impressed with them all.

Can I also thank you for your patience as we trial systems with the whole school, as for many, there was a long wait for some at the end of the day while children and families were reunited.

I am very mindful of the wellbeing of children and families during this hand over, along with safety and also feel fortunate that we have had good weather so far this week.

As beautiful as Wales is, I feel sure that moving forwards, we are sure to have wet, dark, cold weather, which will make this ‘hand over’ even more challenging.


Therefore, I feel the need to adapt our plans starting from tomorrow evening (9.9.2020) so that families can have greater contact with class teachers, and have the satisfaction of seeing children into class.

The new system however, will rely on your cooperation regarding following a one way system and maintaining social distancing between other family groups.


End of day arrangements from 9.9.2020


·         Arrive at school at the stipulated time

·         Walk up the school path and into the school grounds through the ‘curved gate’ whilst maintaining social distancing.

·         Make your way to your child’s external classroom door where an adult will be waiting to dismiss your child. 

·         Collect your child, then do not go back out of the ‘curved gate’. Instead, continue to follow the line of the school to the very end of the building by year 6. Please remember to maintain social distancing.

·         At the end of the building, go left, and walk around the back of the school

·         Continue along the driveway and back to the top car park, where you can continue to walk down to the bottom car park, exiting through the double car park gates. Traffic will be prohibited during this time for your safety.

·         Year 2 families, when you arrive, you will need to continue to walk all the way to year 6, go left round the corner, continue around the outside of the building and go to your classroom door which is around the back of the school (this is different to the video Miss Heales did, but we think this is a better idea!)


If this seems a more successful system, we can consider the possibility of adapting the morning drop off.


Here are the timings for pupils. Please try to stick to them wherever possible, as it spreads out the number of people on site at any one time, and reduces congestion in the car park. 

Please drive off promptly so that others can park.


Pick up times:




2:50 pm    


3.00-3.10 pm  

Foundation Phase pupils

(Years R/1 and year 2)

3.10-3.20 pm

KS2 pupils

(Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

3.25 pm

School Transport


Thank you for your support in these changes, and I am sorry that they are late in the day, however, I felt it was important to do so.


Kind regards


Caroline Swann


Caroline Swann



Archbishop Rowan Williams CiW Primary School