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Google Meet and Web Free Wednesdays!

This week, teachers will be introducing Google Meet as an additional tool to stay in touch with their classes. This will be an optional interface for your child to access if you wish. I will be sending out guidance over the next few days... there is a small delay in posting it today as I am making my daughter learn a new skill and ... ‘jazz it up’ so that the document looks a bit more interesting for us all! Watch this space!

Staff have found that with home learning, they are spending very long periods of time each day using their laptops, and take few breaks as they are very dedicated in working with the children.

In light of this, and to support wellbeing, every Wednesday as of 20.05.2020, teachers will be taking their Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time, as well as fulfilling leadership responsibilities on this day. Where possible, there will still be a member of support staff allocated to each class in order to support the wellbeing of learners if required, and teachers are always available if you have a safeguarding concern of any kind.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Happen’ survey, which measures children’s reflection on their own wellbeing, shows that our children at ARW have expressed an increase in their screen time. We could therefore look at the wellbeing of the whole school, and have a ‘Web Free Wednesday’, where children engage in activities that do not involve a screen. Suggested activities would be provided by teachers in their weekly communication with the class. We fully appreciate the demands that you face within your day such as working/caring commitments/ICT limitations etc. and understand that you will engage in this initiative as suits your family’s needs. If you have any queries or thoughts regarding these changes, I would very much welcome your feedback.  Please email us, ironically, via our school website.


I will share any feedback that I receive and will get the guidelines to you shortly.


In the meantime, take care and stay well,


Kind regards,


Caroline Swann