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Further clarification of return to school arrangements

Dear All,

As we prepare to open on Monday, various queries are coming my way, which I am more than happy to respond to.

I thought that in all probability, many others would be wondering the same things, so, I will post my responses on the ‘Latest News’ so that everyone can benefit from this additional information. I will put general headings for ease:



With regard to uniform, if anything still fits, then we recommend that children wear it as it will give a sense of 'normal school' to children, but if clothes are too small, then don’t worry, normal clothes will be fine.


September organisation:

At this moment in time, Welsh Government plans that schools will have the same organisation in September as to now and that these three weeks are a trial period for us as a school as well as for pupils to check in and catch up their teacher or familiar adult.

Any changes in the meantime or during the holidays will be shared with families via our school webpage and through direct email.


What to bring:

Nothing needs to come in from home except for a labelled drink and healthy snack... sun hat if required! (Children do not need lunch)

We will provide a zippy wallet per child and we will put pens, pencils, glue sticks etc. into that wallet. This wallet will be labelled with the child's name, and this will only be used by your child. Children will also have an allocated space within the room, and all spaces have been measured as 2m apart.

Staff will be adding photos or videos onto their class page by Friday lunchtime (26.6.2020), so that children can see what school looks line and know what to expect.


Family arrival and departure

Family groups arrive at 9.30 am and will be picked up at 1.00pm. They do not come at the same time as their class, but at the time that families assemble. Families can stand together at a green or gold marker.


If you are unsure of anything, contact your class teacher or the or the office and we will endeavour to shed a bit of light onto matters!

Kind regards,


Caroline Swann