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Archbishop Rowan Williams
Church in Wales School

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales School home page

Archbishop Rowan Williams
Church in Wales School

"I can do all things through Him who
strengthens me." Philippians 4:13



With your help, this could be the ‘usual Christmas’ so many families look forward to, and despite the Coronavirus.

Yet we know many young families are struggling financially. We’re sure you know many too!

This year, as in the past, Caldicot Food Bank are looking to help those young children living in deprived or difficult circumstances in the Caldicot, Caerwent, Portskewett, Rogiet, Undy and Magor area.

If you know of any young families who are struggling to make ends meet, tell us about them. We’ll aim to give every family grappling with trying to survive in these perilous times, something hopefully to smile about!

Through you, we’ll provide a bounty of food, treats, decorations and gifts: all wrapped up as a Caldicot Food Bank Christmas Parcel.

What do we need from you? 

 Attached you will find a Caldicot Food Bank ‘Christmas Parcel Application Form’ in either Excel Spreadsheet or Word. Please complete one, or the other, with your nominations and leave a clear blank line between each entry.

We would prefer you to use the Spreadsheet. However, we appreciate that not everyone is familiar with this format.

Please be reassured, your returned data will not be shared with any other persons or organizations outside of Caldicot Food Bank. Once received the information will be kept under a secure regime (password required), with access limited to just four of our volunteers.

Please ensure every detail requested is provided.

Kindly also note that, in the past, we’ve had names duplicated.  If a couple have different surnames it’s important both surnames are recorded on the Application Form. (This also helps when a couple has two postal addresses).


Deadline for receipt of forms

Friday 4th December is the last day we can accept your nominations.

The earlier we receive your recommendations the better. The point after next will explain.


What will the parcels contain?

Apart from our normal contents, the Christmas Parcels aim to provide a range of fare including seasonal food and treats, decorations, children's toothbrushes, and toothpaste, and gifts for all the family.

Each parcel will come in a number of bags, each bag labeled with the family name. You will also know how many bags have been provided for each family as they will be numbered

‘1 of -’; ‘2 of -’; etc.


Will everyone nominated receive a parcel?

We cannot guarantee that every person you select will receive a parcel. Early indications suggest that this year we’re likely to be swamped with requests.  As a result, all requests will be logged in the order they’re received. Preference will be given to the first received and in date order.


How will the parcels be distributed?

Once we’ve received your nominations, we’ll contact you to discuss both:

-          When you can expect to receive them,  

-          How many individual bags we’ve prepared for each of your clients, and

-          To discuss collection arrangements (day and time)  

Please note that we do not deliver to your clients: that function will be your responsibility.


Dates and times for collection or delivery?

As above, collection times and dates will need to be agreed in advance.

This year, we’ll be making up the Christmas Parcels in the Caldicot Male Voice Choir Hall, off Mill Lane, Caldicot NP26 4BN   This, thanks to the generous help and co-operation we’re receiving from the Chairman and Management of the Choir Hall in Caldicot.

We’ll be starting in the Choir Hall on Wednesday 11th November, and expect to continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am until 1pm.

Our final date for either delivering parcels, or having them collected, is Wednesday 16th December.


Health and Safety

When collecting parcels:

·       Collection must be at the pre-arranged time/date.

·       On arrival in the area please reverse your vehicle to the front door.

·       Do NOT enter the premises but rather phone either:  077 912 588723, or the phone number we'll provide when making collection arrangements

·       Once we know you’re outside, we will bring the parcels to the front door of the building. Under NO circumstances should you enter the hall.

·       We recommend you check in advance to ensure the number of packages you’ll be collecting will fit inside your vehicle.


To discuss further:

Either phone our Manager, Danielle Cadden on T. 077 912 58723, or write to us on E-mail:


Many thanks


David Flint


Caldicot Food Bank Committee & Volunteers

Mobile: 07925285994

Caldicot Food Bank working with Churches Together and in partnership with Raven House Trust