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Breakfast Club Plans




Dear Parents, Carers, Families,


As you are aware, we have not yet been able to open our Breakfast Club provision due to Covid 19 restrictions and the associated challenges. We have however been looking to find solutions to these challenges, and as a result, we are aiming to open the provision from the 9th November 2020 on a trial basis. Prior to this we will be amending risk assessments and ensuring that we meet all of our Health and Safety non-negotiables.


We have looked carefully at your feedback on the survey, and are trying to accommodate your wishes as far as possible. Here is some cursory information and we will send you an update during the first week back at school.


Main Points:

  • The hall will remain sectioned into ‘bubbles’, matching what we do for After School Club. The main focus of both the staff and Governors at this time, is to keep all members of the school community as safe and as healthy as we possibly can. This means that we are only able to open breakfast Club using the bubble system, and this in turn does limit our capacity. As a result of this, we ask for your cooperation and request that you only use the Breakfast Club facility if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary for you to work and you have no other option.


  • We will be open from 8:15 am and no earlier. We were originally going to open at 8:30 am, so that children wouldn’t have to sit in their bubbles for an hour (if we started at 8:00 am), as we feel that an hour is too long to be sat in a small area. We know however, from some of your feedback, that an 8:00 am start was requested, and we hope that the compromise of an 8:15 am start will meet both the needs of the children and families alike.


  • Children will only be able to attend with a booking via the main office. Once you have requested a place, you will receive an email to confirm your booking. After confirmation, if you are using the club from 8:15-8.30 am, you can use the usual payment system (£1 per day) to complete the booking.


  • NO CHILD WILL BE ACCEPTED INTO BREAKFAST CLUB UNLESS BOOKED IN VIA THE OFFICE. Children must be accompanied to the hall door where they will be checked in. If a child arrives at the Club without a booking, parents will be called to collect them. If parents are unavailable, next of kin will be contacted as per the school contact information.


  • We need to take these measures in order to stay safe and to maintain our bubble system. If the numbers remain manageable in each bubble, we will continue to run the club in this manner. If numbers are high and we have too many children per bubble, we may need to consider an alternative solution.


We will provide more detail next week and in the meantime, I hope that you are enjoying your half term break…despite the rain!


Kind regards,


Caroline Swann