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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Big Big News!!!!!!

Some new additions to our school family!


Well!!! This started as a bit of a worry!


Mrs Hoare rang me to say that she was really worried about Billy, our little boy tortoise, because he wasn’t able to walk. We both agreed that she needed to take him to the vet so that they could help our Billy.


So, the story changed from being a bit of a worry, to a bit of a puzzle! The vet said that they were not an expert in the medical needs of a tortoise, so they decided to take an x-ray and send the pictures to the zoo for an expert to have a look and help us.


That’s when our story changed from a worry, to a puzzle and then a SHOCK!!!!

Take a look at the x-ray!


So…Billy is a girl! We are going to still call her Billie, but spell her name differently.


The vet then said to take her home and let her walk onto some nice soft soil, where she can dig. 

So that’s just what Mrs Hoare did!

She rushed home with Billie and got out a fresh bag of soil and tipped it into a tub. Billie loved it and laid her eggs straight away until there were 8 beautiful eggs nestled in the soil! Luna was there too and was very interested in proceedings!


Billie was shattered and fell fast asleep, slept right through the night and didn’t wake up until Mrs Hoare woke her up with a tasty strawberry ...mmmmmm!


The next day, Billie could walk again! Yay!


Now before we get too excited (even though I am!) the vet said that the eggs probably won’t hatch, so we may not get any baby tortoises, but, we have put them into an incubator just in case…fingers crossed!


Well isn’t that fabulous new!....we have been so excited to tell you x