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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13



Archbishop Rowan Williams CiW Primary School

proudly present to you this week’s Ambassadors:


Keelan Boston – for showing commitment to sustainability of the planet when learning about marine life -  looking at plastic and the ocean.  For his birthday the only thing he asked for was a litter picker...   we are very proud of you!

Alex Wall- for his graph showing the temperatures of North Carolina. Alex was also an excellent learner last week too! Well done Alex!

Oliver Ost who has shown the qualities of an ambitious, capable learner by producing a range of outstanding work this week and for upskilling his writing using advice from teachers or his own initiative. Excellent work Oliver!

Beatrice Norrie for being an ambitious, capable learner by setting herself high standards and enjoying this challenge… great quality Beatrice!

Aidan Preedy – for being an ambitious, capable learner who sets himself high standards and enjoys challenge… such an important quality Aiden!

Isabella Hudson – for being a resilient learner in maths…well done Isabella! Resilience is a quality which is essential, and not just for maths! Good girl.

Ioan Llewellyn  He has shown many great skills such as perseverance and courage, by completing tasks that he doesn't necessarily want to do. He has been extremely ambitious, completing tasks to a high level each time, and shown confidence by really engaging with his peers, through the use of Google classroom. Ioan this term has shown us how he could easily achieve all of the 4 core purposes. Well done.

Ollie Jonesfor being an ambitious learner and his amazing work learning to tell the time. Mum has said that he picked it up very easily…well done Ollie

Esmé Fearnfor being a ‘creative learner’ with her wonderful ‘natural’ art work.