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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

A mixed bag.


It’s been quite a busy news day today.


Firstly, can I apologise to our Ambassadors and our Platinum pupils!

We were unable do have our usual celebrations today because of time constraints, so…


Monday morning… we will do both!... Woo hoo


As you know, we have had our first confirmed case of Covid-19 today. Everyone has pulled together to respond quickly and effectively, Environmental Health have answered all of our queries, ensuring that we have been well informed and thorough, and our families have been very supportive and we are very appreciative of this.

One class has been affected, and because of our ‘bubble’ system, no other staff or pupils outside of this bubble are required to self-isolate. This is testament to the staff following our Risk Assessment Procedure with such diligence and I am very proud of their professionalism and care.

We send our thoughts and prayers to all who are feeling unwell, and wish them a very speedy recovery.


Following on the ‘proud’ theme, I would like to announce that after a thorough assessment, we have retained our platinum Eco-Schools status!

What is truly impressive is that we achieved this status through our sustained and embedded eco ethos.

We were not aware that this assessment was taking place due to the current pandemic, so when asked for evidence, we did not have a portfolio on hand! In response, the teachers pulled together the ‘everyday’ learning experiences taking place across the school to submit as our evidence. Some of the comments from the assessor are below:


‘I have really enjoyed reading about the projects undertaken during lockdown and it is so heartening to know that the pupils have driven the learning in this area and are keen to find out more. It is so important to be able to take this knowledge and interest and turn it into positive actions to make a difference to plastic use, carbon emissions and other issues that they have learnt about.’


‘I am delighted to confirm that you have retained your platinum Eco-Schools status and wish you every success with your projects for the coming year. Maintaining the Eco-Schools Platinum status is a fantastic achievement. The school, staff and pupils, should feel proud of their hard work and commitment.’


Well done ARW staff for listening to and following the interests of the pupils…and well done ARW pupils for being Eco Warriors; being interested in and caring about your world.


Congratulations to you all.