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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Luna Topic

All the children love Luna our school well-being dog.  They like to ask lots of questions about her so we have decided to do a mini topic all about her. 

These are the things that they already know about Luna.  Olivia knows she loves her smelly treats.  Lucas knows she likes giving doggie kisses.  Alfie knows she likes walks on the field.  Brody knows she likes her toys.  Tom says she's the same size as a lamb. Esme knows she likes to be tickled under her ears.  Felicity knows she lives in Mrs Hoare's house.  Ethan knows she wags her tail when she gets excited.  

These are some of the things the children would like to find out about Luna:

Esmee wants to know where she sleeps at night. 

Lola and Rueben want to know if she can do tricks.

Ella wants to know how old Luna is.

Felix and Darcie want to know what Luna does when she is at Mrs Hoare's house. 

Look at our fantastic work.  These are some of the things Luna does when she is at home with Mrs Hoare.