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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Information for Year 4

Welcome to our new Year Four pupils and families.

We have already set up routines and structures to make life organised and safe to be in. The class are already starting to do things automatically.

The children have been very enthusiastic adding their ideas for our Topic this half term 'This is Me'. One of the first investigations as part of Science and Technology was 'Who could jump the highest'.

Lots of discussions and reasoning followed, predictions of how this could be tested, as well as first-hand knowledge of sports such as the high jump and long jump where the children remembered seeing athletes running to build up speed. They also showed off their estimating skills to predict they could run for 10 metres. This had to be modified and increased to 20 metres after testing this out. 

As part of their independent maths work on Place Value, not only did they have mild, medium and hot 'chilli challenges' to choose from, I have also added very hot, extremely hot and will be adding insanely hot challenges.

A great start to Year Four.

With the main focus being Health and Wellbeing, we will also be doing lots of creative art projects throughout the year.


A reminder that every Friday we will be having PE outdoors. Everyone needs to come to school dressed in P.E. shorts, white tee shirt, plain trainers - black if possible, black jogging trousers in case it is cold, and a warm top too.

Look out for the first photographs of their work shortly.

Spellings and homework assignments will be posted on Google Classroom in the future.


We are looking forward to working with you all,

Mrs Spokes and Miss Deakin