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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is all about experience based learning. We cover the following areas throughout this stage:


  • Language, Literacy and Communication
  • Mathematical Development
  • Physical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Creative Development
  • Welsh Language Development
  • Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity


Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)

Literacy describes a set of skills including speaking and listening (oracy), reading and writing which allows us to make sense of the world around us .


Numeracy describes the set of skills needed to tackle real-life problems in a variety of situations using numerical reasoning to plan how to solve the problem, and then carry out the mathematical procedures to find the solution.


Teachers have a framework to work from to ensure pupils have increased opportunities to continue applying their literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.