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Tescos visit

Tesco by Jarvis

First we put on our tabards. Then we went to the chocolate aisle. After that we learnt about chocolate and where it comes from. Next we tried three types of chocolate with our eyes close. Then we went on a chocolate hunt and found out what items had chocolate in. Then we went in the fruit aisle and leant how bananas get to Britain, later we had the banana quiz. Eventually we went to some tables and made a smoothie with banana, strawberry and yogurt.

Our Trip To Tesco by Lila

First of all once we got there we walked up the stairs very carefully and once we got up we saw a person and she was called Vicky. Then she took us to a little room lots of tables in and on the chairs which were in there were bright yellow tabards which read on them: We are learning where our food comes from. Vicky told us to put them on, so we did.

Right after that we walked into the yummy chocolate aisle. When we got there Vicky talked to us about how chocolate is made. Then she picked some people to hold up some rectangular cards. After that Vicky told us where chocolate comes from. She said that most chocolate comes from rainforests.

Next we tried some lovely looking and lovely smelling chocolate that actually tasted disgusting. (That’s what I thought of it anyway!) After that we played a little game where we tried either dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate and we had our eyes closed. We had to guess what type it was.

A while after that we went for a search for unusual things which had cocoa beans in. That was one of my favourite parts!!!!! Our most unusual things we found were conditioner and soap.

After that we walked to the fruit aisle and sat down next to the bananas. Whilst we were sat down we had a small banana quiz. My team didn’t win!!!

Then we walked to the little room again and we made banana, yoghurt and cinnamon smoothies. They were delicious!!!

Our trip to Tesco by Iona

When year 4 of ARW primary arrived at Tescos we met Vicky and she told us to put on some tabards, we went to Tesco because we are learning about food that comes from around the world.

Then we went to a cage place in Tesco and we were then off to chocolate and sweet aisle. We went there because we are learning about where cocoa beans come from.

After that we talked about what happens to the cocoa beans when they were picked, they are dried and are washed. All sorts of things happen to them.

Then we went to fruit aisle and we talked about what happens to wild life because we have bananas then we had a banana quiz.

And finally we made banana and yoghurt smoothies with some cinnamon.

Before I go, my favourite part was testing chocolate.

Tesco by Gracie

We met one of the workers and her name was Vicky, she gave us some yellow tabards. Then we went to the chocolate aisle and tried cocoa beans mashed up. It was super gross, and then we went on a cocoa hunt. In my group I had to write. Before that she told us to close our eyes and try chocolate already made, three different kinds, all of them were nice but one. Then we went to the fruit aisle, first she told us most of the facts in the aisle. Then we had a quiz, which was a draw. We then started to make a gooey mixture, it wasn’t nice so the teachers had it. Finally we went down the escalator.

Our class trip to Tesco by Rowan

When we first got there we met a lovely lady called Vicky. Then she said “follow me and we will go and get some tabards to wear.” We went to a lovely room and then put on our tabards and she took us to the chocolate aisle and then we tried some chocolate. We had some nice and bad chocolate. Then we went on a hunt for some items with cocoa beans. It was fun. Then Vicky took us to the fruit aisle, she talked about bananas. They can be purple or red. Then Vicky took us to the room, we made banana smoothies, they were good. Then we had water.

Tescos by Aaron

On Tuesday, year 4 went to Tesco. Me and Jacob went up the escalator. Then the class met a lady called Vicky by the soft play area. She gave us tabards and talked a little bit about chocolate and bananas. Then we all went to the chocolate aisle. We tried some chocolate. Then we went in groups and searched for things with cocoa beans in. Then we came back and we looked at some chocolate. We went to the fruit aisle, we talked about bananas and where they came from. Then we went back to by the soft play area and we mashed up some banana and strawberry yogurt, we put cinnamon in it.

Our trip to Tescos by Abigail

Tuesday 3rd October 2017.

We met Vicky and she told us to put on some yellow tabards which said were learning where are food comes from .Then she took us to a table. Then we went down to the chocolate aisle and we tried some chocolate that the farmers would drink in hot countries and it did not have milk or sugar it taste really rich and weird in my mouth. Next we did a little taste test and we had to taste some chocolate with the scenes of are our taste and scene and we had our eyes shut and the choice are milk chocolate ,dark chocolate and white chocolate and we had to guess what chocolate it was. And I do not like white chocolate or dark chocolate. We put some cards out to show how the chocolate travel to us and on the back of the card it said cocoa beans from far away help makes the chocolate you see today. After that we went on a little search for products which have cocoa in not just chocolate we found some oil and shampoo with cocoa butter in. Then we went to the banana aisle and Vicky told us about bananas and over 400 to 600 can grow on one plant and bananas is the most popular in the word and then we had a banana quiz, it was a draw. Finally we made mashed banana and strawberry yoghurt smoothie and some of us added cinnamon.

My Tesco School Trip by Owen

When we got to Tesco we met Vicky. She gave us tabards to wear, they were yellow. We walked to the chocolate aisle and she talked to us about cocoa beans. She gave us some to try but with no milk or sugar, it tasted horrible and not like chocolate. Vicky told us to close our eyes and hold out our hands, she gave us a piece of chocolate and we had to try and figure out what type of chocolate it was. First we had milk chocolate, then dark and finally white chocolate. Chocolate is made out of cocoa beans, milk and sugar. The cocoa beans come from rainforests. We went on a search around the store to find products that has cocoa in. My group found shampoo that had cocoa in. Then we went to the fruit aisle, Vicky was telling us about bananas. She said there can be purple and red bananas. We then did a quiz on bananas. Finally we mashed bananas and mixed with strawberry yoghurt and cinnamon.

Our trip to Tesco by Zohair.



What I liked: I liked all the yummy chocolate except for the disgusting one. It was chocolate but didn’t have sugar. The dark, light and white were the scrumptious and the best ones ever. We looked at everything and looked for food with chocolate in it. We found chocolate donuts, chocolate cake, and sun cream. Coco beans grow in a hot place far away.


Bananas grow in a hot place and they are picked when green. We eat them when they are yellow. We chopped the bananas and put strawberry yoghurt in and mixed it with cinnamon. Then we ate it with a spoon. It tasted delicious. Then we had water.


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The chocolate did not taste as good as it looked!