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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Science Week

This week has been a busy week for Year 2 as we have been very busy scientists investigating many different things.


Our topic this half term focusses on fairy tales and this week we have read 'The gingerbread man', with this in mind we investigated different things linked to this story. Here is a brief ouline of our invetigations;


+ What materials would be best  to make gingerbread man puppets. Looking at a variety of materials that would be strong enough but also allows us to sticth the puppet together. Measuring the puppet to create one for our needs.


+ Choosing appropriate materials/equipment to make a bridge that can hold gingerbread man and a boat that can float with gingerbread man inside. Testing and adapting if necessary.


+ What happens to gingerbread biscuits when different liquids are poured onto them. They were able to predict what may happen when the gingerbread biscuits were left to soak in water, vinegar, milk and cooking oil. They created their own table to record the results every 20mins.


+ Making gingerbread pancakes, investigating what happens to different ingredients when cooked. We discussed solids and liquids, then melted and cooled chocolate for decoration on the pancakes, looking at tempertures and how they changed. We investigatated and compared what happened to chocolate when put on hot and cold pancakes. 


Our FAVOURITE comment of the day-

Question- What happens to cold chocolate when put on a hot pancake?

Answer- It tastes REALLY yummy!!

Perfect scientific answer!!

Pancake day!

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