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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

ARW Ambassadors

Ambassadors Club

Our Ambassadors club are made up of Sports Ambassadors, Playground Ambassadors and Super Ambassadors.

Playground Ambassadors

The Playground Ambassadors (also known as Playground Buddies) are made up of children from Year Three, Year Four, Year Five & Year Six.  The aim of our club is to help look after children on the playground at break time and lunch time.  We play games with them, chat to them and make sure they are happy. 


Our first job as Buddies was to learn about how to be fair and kind to the children at ARW.  We had a discussion with the adults in our club and came up with lots of ideas of how we could help the children, particularly the younger children in the Foundation Phase.  We discussed lots of statements and then sorted them between Fair and Not Fair, Safe and Not Safe.


Sports Ambassadors

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Super Ambassadors


Super Ambassadors is a scheme from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales that aims to promote children’s rights and the UNCRC in primary schools. 


We elected two Super Ambassadors at the beginning of the year. We chose Naomi and Alex from Year 6.  They attended a training day in Cardiff last term and were given three jobs. These are to:

  • Inform other pupils in their school about the Commissioner and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about children’s rights under the UNCRC.
  • Do special missions for the Commissioner in their school – these inform the work of our office and have a real impact on our work and on children’s rights in Wales.


Their first mission was to talk to the children at ARW about bullying.  They did this during one of our Celebration Assemblies last term and if you look at our notice board by the library you will see the poster we made.